The Buckman Community Association (BCA) exists to promote neighborhood livability within the association boundaries, and to assist the people that live and work here with the public challenges they may have.

The BCA has a 9-member Board of Directors. Elections to the Board are in May. The directors serve two year terms.

BCA meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. The board meets from 6:30-7pm. The general meeting begins at 7pm and generally runs until 9pm. Both meetings are open to the public and are held in the library at Central Catholic High School School, located at 2401 SE Stark Street.

The BCA encourages people to participate in the meetings and other activities of the association. Please contact us with your name and e-mail address and we will add your name to our contact list. We welcome new members that have an interest in helping to improve our neighborhood.

Everyone involved with this grassroots organization is a volunteer. Please be considerate of the time and effort needed to do what we do.

Current board members:
  • Susan Lindsay, Co-Chair
  • Khris Soden, Co-Chair
  • Anna Preble, Secretary
  • Brandon CS Sanders, Assistant Secretary
  • Adam Zucker, Treasurer
  • Tim Askin
  • Mike Dee
  • Linda Gerber
  • Eric O'Connor